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Codiscovery Foundation – a Global Ocean Floor Mapping Foundation – Exploring The Vast Oceans
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Mapping The World’s Oceans At Last

Estimates are that only between 3% and 5% of the World’s Oceans have been mapped

Why does this matter?

In order to understand the most important engine for weather and the food supply of billions, we need to fully comprehend our oceans. We understand the surface of the oceans, and their currents fairly well, but nearly nothing about the seafloor in detail. The seabed is where life thrives in the oceans and where the mineral resources are that future generations may depend upon.

Already today, a significant part of the world’s energy supply comes from the sea floor. Yet we tear into the ocean floor with little understanding of the real topography in detail. Charting these watery depths could not only transform oceanography, it will also allow us to be better shepherds of the oceans riches to preserve them for generations to come – from biodiversity management to mineral riches.

This is the purpose of the Codiscovery Foundation, to accomplish nothing short of mapping the world’s seabeds – 100% within a single generation! We propose to do this with one of the largest robotic mobilizations in history, enabling the mass-discovery and collection of high-resolution data of the topography and sub-bottom profiling ever compiled. We intend to not only collect this data but to make it available to all as a gift to Mankind!

How Will We Do This?

Actually it is fairly simple!

Every minute of every day tens of thousands of cargo vessels crisscross the oceans of Earth transporting people, goods, and resources from one place to another. These trade routes cover almost 70% of the oceans on Earth.

We plan on harvesting the power of the incredible fleet of commercial ships the world over to map the oceans of the Earth!

Now, imagine if every one of those ships had a specially designed automated ROV (submersible) trailing behind collecting multiple beam high-resolution data about the ocean and the ocean floor. Each submersible collecting vast amounts of data that would be uploaded into an open source repository of sea floor and bathymetric data, available to everyone. The submersibles would automatically take position as the cargo ships leave port, and retract as the ship comes into the next port. So that day in and day out, year after year, unbelievable amounts of data are collected for mapping, marine fisheries protection, and sea-floor resources location. Unless you know where something is, you cannot have a discussion about its proper utilization.

Learn more about our mission and this massive project plan 

All The World's Oceans Are Crisscrossed With Cargo Ships

With Your Help We Will Do This!

Each generation has their “high-frontier.” In our 21st century we have seen the emergence of space tourism, millions of robotic vehicles traveling through our skies, privately run space programs, and yet our oceans are still mostly unknown. That is not to say there has been no mapping! Indeed, NASA has contributed complete maps of the oceans, but that data is crude and very low resolution (typically a single pixel represents 100-300 meters). And there are some high-rez maps of small parts of the world’s seas, but these are no more than a few percent.

We have a plan, and with everyone’s help, we can make it possible for the last uncharted frontier on Planet Earth to become as well known as the center of London or New York or Shanghai!